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Vegas 21 - Community Blackjack


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Vegas 21 - Community Blackjack
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Mathematical Analysis by Total Gaming Science, GLI verified return percentage accurate.

Vegas 21 (Community Blackjack) is a card game played with a shoe of 6 standard 52-card decks. The player begins by placing a Main wager and a Bonus wager. The Bonus wager must be at least half the value of the Main wager. Each wagering player is dealt a card and a card is delt face up to the table as a community card. The Bonus wager is then resolved. Each player then act on their hand in tuirn, their Main wager is immediately collected. The dealer then hits until they have a total of eighteen or higher, with or without the community card. All wagers are then resolved.


Hands are scored, as in normal Blackjack, with Ace scoring either 1 or 11. If it improves the hand's total, the community card is included in the hand for purposes of scoring. A hand whose individual cards total more than 21 is busted. Note that in Vegas 21 (Community Blackjack), a natural Blackjack is a 2-card hand totaling 21 and must include the community card. A hand of 2 individual cards totaling 21 is not a Blackjack. If the player has Blackjack, the Main wager wins and pays 3 to 2 regardlessw of the dealers hand. If the dealer has Blackjack and the player does not, the Main wager loses. If the player busts, their Main wager loses, regardless of the dealer hand. If the dealer busts, all remaining Main wagers win and pay 1 to 1. Otherwise, the player and dealer hands are compared. If the player beats the dealer, the Main wager wins and pays 1 to 1. If the player and the daler tie, the Main wager pushes. If the player loses to the dealer, the Main wager loses.


The Bonus wager is resolved based on the palyer's initial individual card and on the community card. If the payer's card and the community card match in rank, or are adjacent in rank (i.e. "Off by One"), then the wager wins and plays according to scenario and according to configured paytable, as given in Table 1. Otherwise the wager loses. Note that for purposes of the Bonus wager, Aces are considered to be adjacent to Kings as well as to Twos.

Bonus Paytable

Vegas 21 (Community Blackjack) yields an optimal aggregate RTP between 97.81% and 99.53%, depending on configured paytable. An optimal player will always place the minimum required Bonus wager and no highter and will appropriately optimize their play decision in the game according to their hand and according to the community card. The highest RTP is found with Paytable #2 is enabled and the lowest RTP is found when Paytable #3 is enabled.

Combined Summery
Mathematical Analysis by Total Gaming Science, GLI verified return percentage accurate.

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Vegas 21 - Community Blackjack